Aerosol maker PAX calls on Apple to reconsider e-cigarette-related ban

Apple last week removed all e-cigarette-related apps from the App Store and updated its App Store guidelines to ban apps that promote or encourage the use of e-cigarette-related devices,media reported.

Aerosol maker PAX calls on Apple to reconsider e-cigarette-related ban

Apple has never allowed apps to sell e-cigarettes, but it does allow e-cigarette-related news or apps that provide control over e-cigarette devices. Some companies, such as PAX, rely heavily on Apple’s App Store to add technology to atomizer devices, and they are unhappy with Apple’s recent ban.

PAX called on Apple to reconsider its decision because PAX has created several nebulizers that are designed to be controlled and customized through iOS and Android apps. For example, the now-in-let PAX Mobile app allows PAX evaporator users to perform actions such as adjusting the atomizer temperature, setting parental controls, and changing the color of the lights on the device.

PAX said that while it respects Apple’s leadership, it is concerned about apple’s ban because it prevents consumers in the legal stage from “gaining access to important information and better control over their tobacco product experience.”

After the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 2,172 cases of lung damage associated with e-cigarette products containing vitamin E acetate, Apple decided to ban all e-cigarette-related apps and products, which are found primarily in “informal” products from friends, family members, personal or online distributors.

Apple said in a statement that it agreed with the CDC that the popularity of e-cigarettes was a “public health crisis and youth epidemic” and that’s why they decided to go off the shelves.

We value the App Store organization as a place to be trusted for customers, especially young people, to download apps. We continuously evaluate the app and consult the latest evidence to determine the risks to the health and well-being of our users.

Recently, experts from the CDC to the American Heart Association have attributed various lung injuries and deaths to e-cigarettes and e-cigaretteproducts, and even called the spread of these devices a public health crisis and a youth epidemic.

We agree, and we have updated the App Store Review Guide to reflect applications that prohibit or encourage the use of these products. From today, these applications will no longer be available for download.

According to PAX, its goal is to provide technology that allows adults to make “educated, informed choices.” The company cited its new PodID feature, which gives consumers “unprecedented access” to information about the contents of e-cigarettes, including strains information, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and results in obtaining state-regulated test results that could ultimately help nebulizer users avoid using illegal and dangerous products.

PAX said it wanted to work with Apple to reconsider the decision and to re-offer the PAX Mobile app “for public health and safety.”

Those who have already downloaded the PAX Mobile app on iOS can continue to use it for the time being, and it can still be used on Android devices. PAX says you don’t need to use the app to use all PAX devices and you can change the temperature only on the device.

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