Faraday Future CEO: Our power transmission system is better than Porsche’s

Carsten Breitfeld, the future chief executive of Faraday, said at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Tuesday that the company has the best power transmission system in the industry, according tomedia reports.

Faraday Future CEO: Our power transmission system is better than Porsche's

Illustration: Faraday’s future electric vehicle FF91

Mr. Braefeld said Mr. Faraday faces two major obstacles to his future. First, there is a lack of trust in the company’s ability to execute its plans, and the leadership of Faraday’s future founder, Jia Yueting, is a problem.

Mr Brayfield is understood to have been in charge of the development of BMW’s i8 plug-in hybrid, having just two months ago become faraday’s future chief executive. Prior to that, he had worked at Batten for some time.

Mr Brayfield said the first issue had been resolved because he had introduced a new leadership team shortly after taking over as chief executive. Meanwhile, Mr Jia filed for bankruptcy in October, separating his personal financial problems from Mr Faraday and resigning as chief executive. Jia Yueting will focus on the connectivity and user experience of Faraday’s future cars, while Faraday’s future electric cars will be like a “third living space” with more than a dozen screens in the car.

Brayfield tried to distinguish Faraday’s future from its rivals. Faraday’s future investments in more advanced technology, he said, are unknown outside the company. Faraday’s future investment is close to $2 billion.

Faraday Future CEO: Our power transmission system is better than Porsche's

Pictured: Faladay future ceo Brayfield interviewed

“To achieve new car mobility, you need two technologies, ” says Mr Brayfield. You need automotive technology, it has to be power-driven. Faraday future research and development is the industry’s most advanced, the best power transmission system.

“I’m not just talking about start-ups. You can compare it to Audi, even BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Porsche’s all-electric sports car, the Taycan, has just been on the market. We can talk about power density and power range, faraday future has the most advanced technology available.

“On the other hand, if you want to create a connected car, if you want to create a specific Internet living space, then you need connectivity in the car, which is high-speed communication capabilities.” You need a screen. You need an operating system. You need a digital ecosystem. All of this was invented by Faraday in the future. These are available and can be seen and displayed in our products. Do you know now how much money needs to be raised to accomplish this?”

Breffed is still financing. ‘The investment community knows that the automotive industry will be transformed into a mobile service provider, ‘ he said. “Traditional carmakers won’t do that,” he said. (Chenchen)

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