WSJ interprets store closure strategy during Apple’s new crown outbreak.

Apple has gradually closed several of its Stores in the U.S. as cases of new crown pneumonia increase, and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has studied Apple’s strategy and criteria for deciding when and where to close its stores,media macrumors reported. As analyst Gene Munster points out in the video, Apple’s huge cash pool and vast network business mean the company will be more aggressive in closing stores than many other retail companies.

WSJ interprets store closure strategy during Apple's new crown outbreak.

So tracking its store closures gives a deep eras to what’s going on across the Country and what’s going to happen in the future.

Apple gave the Wall Street Journal some specifics about its store closure standards and noted that it considered the following factors in the county data:

Number of confirmed cases.

Positive rate.

Use of hospitals, ICUs and ventilators.

Asymptomatic test.

Other factors.

Apple said that while it would use as much publicly available data as possible, it would contact public health authorities to request it if it was not available.

In mid-March, Apple closed all retail stores outside Greater China, and in mid-May, most U.S. retail stores reopened. Just a month later, however, Apple is re-laying out many of its retail stores, with nearly half of its U.S. stores now closed.