Koss v. Apple for infringing the basic patent for audio wireless connectivity.

Media reported that Kos is accusing Apple of infringing patents on almost all of its product lines because of the basic concept of wirelessly connecting headphones/speakers. On July 22, Kos filed the lawsuit in Waco, Texas. The 34-page petition, which contains 11 pages, describes the 67-year-old company’s “legacy of audio innovation” and highlights engineering achievements, products, and industry standards.

Koss v. Apple for infringing the basic patent for audio wireless connectivity.

(from: Apple Insider)

Unlike many of the infringement lawsuits Apple faces, Koss is not a patent rogue company, but a company that makes headphones, earplugs and other audio accessories.

The U.S. patents in this case include 10,206,025 (‘025), 10,469,934 (‘934), 10,491,982 (‘982), and 10,506,325 (‘325).

The patent describes the transceiver lines of wireless headphones that allow devices to stream audio from a digital audio player, computer, or wireless network.

Kos noted that by selling airPods, AirPods Pro and Beats by Dre series wireless audio products, Apple has partially or completely infringed all four patents, causing irreparable damage to the company.

Kos claims that Apple became aware of the abuses in 2019, but deliberately ignored them, even after Kos stalked.

Apple is also suspected of infringing U.S. patents 10,298,451 (‘451), which focus esquit on how to configure wireless devices that work on wireless networks, with HomePod and Apple Watch products sold by Apple already involved.

However,media pointed out that these patents do not give a detailed description of any particular connection method, but instead use the most vague and extensive terminology to discuss the general concept of wireless headphones and speakers.

The patent in this case was granted in 2019, but Apple released its first Bluetooth headset for iPhone users back in 2007, not to mention the AirPods true wireless headset that set off a new trend in 2016.

In June, Apple also filed a lawsuit to invalidate intellectual property rights it filed five years ago. If this claim is accepted by a jury in court, Koss may be awarded three times as much punitive damages.