Huawei Sound X high-end speaker official announced: cooperation with Devialet

On the morning of November 20, Huawei Official Sound Was the First Member of the Sound Family: Huawei Sound X, July 25, Shanghai. From the warm-up poster, the speaker was developed by Huawei and Devialet in collaboration with a cylindrical design, with the upper half of the body grey and the lower half of the horn body black.

Huawei Sound X high-end speaker official announced: cooperation with Diware price of tens of thousands?

According to the information previously reported, this speaker will be used in The Devialet-related patented technology, the speaker part of the components by the domestic KONE electronic supply.

It is understood that DEVIALET¬† was founded in 2007, is committed to the development and improvement of acoustic technology and product design, excellence in sound quality, adhere to the design and manufacture of all the company’s own hardware and software in France. Currently, DEVIALET¬† products include the Expert Pro Magic Gate series, the Phantom Premier Phantom series, and the newly released Phantom Reactor Phantom Series.

The price of the Devialet speaker can be described as high, The cheapest of the Devialet  flagship store is a Bluetooth mini-sound, priced at 8980 yuan. The price estimate for Huawei Sound X will not be too low.

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