SpaceX’s Dragon 2 will be reused during NASA’s Crew-2 mission.

According tomedia reports, the aviation launch service provider and equipment manufacturer SpaceX and National Aviation and NASA are currently evaluating crew Dragon 2, which is responsible for the International Space Station’s (ISS) manned commercial mission under the agency’s DM-2 mission. It is reported that the 2 manned dragon spacecraft is currently in its final evaluation phase, according to NASA statement, the spacecraft will be splashed on August 2 to Earth.

SpaceX's Dragon 2 will be reused during NASA's Crew-2 mission.

However, after an earlier meeting of NASA’s Aviation Advisory Group (ASAP) earlier today (July 23 local time), it is certain that the DM-2 mission will not be the last of the current ISS-connected Dragon 2 spacecraft.

NASA reporter Thomas Burghardt reported on social media that after the ASAP meeting, the space agency decided to re-use the Demo-2 capsule being tested. As part of the Commercial Manned Mission (CCP), the spacecraft will carry NASA and international astronauts to ISS, through which NASA will act as a contractor rather than a service provider, the first time in commercial spacecraft history that such missions have been carried out.

In addition, details show that the 2 Dragon, with the serial number C206, will be part of NASA’s Crew-2 mission to ISS. This will be the second task under the CCP program, the first task called Crew-1. For crew-1, SpaceX and NASA will use the new Dragon 2 and the Falcon 9 booster number B1061.

SpaceX's Dragon 2 will be reused during NASA's Crew-2 mission.

Falcon 9 B1061 will be the second component of Crew-2. NASA and SpaceX agreed to reuse the spacecraft and booster series after revising their contracts with the company. The change — officially known as the Modification 78 — improves the duration of the DM-2 mission, authorizes the space force’s training missions and allows the components to be reused.

According to unconfirmed reports, NASA and SpaceX will launch the 2 Dragon C207 capsule to ISS for a Crew-2 mission after the 2nd Dragon C206 returns from ISS. While the Falcon 9 B1061 booster has arrived in Florida for pre-flight preparations, neither SpaceX nor NASA has confirmed that other variants of the C207 or Dragon 2 will perform the same mission.

If the spill is completed on August 2and NASA meets its own assessment and turnaround time, Crew-1 will fly to ISS by mid-September. It is clear that re-use of boosters and spacecraft for manned missions carries its own risks, so NASA and SpaceX will work together to ensure that astronauts are in the safest hands possible.