Chen Xiang, an expert at Huawei subsidiary Futurewei, was elected chairman of 3GPP RAN4

On November 19, 2019, the election of the new president of 3GPP RAN4 was held in Reno, USA, and after two rounds of fierce competition, Steven Chen, the chief standards expert representing Ran4 in Futurewei, was elected chairman of 3GPP RAN4. Captain Qiu, from Samsung, and Andrey from Intel were elected vice-chairman.

The main tasks of the 3GPP RAN4 working group include defining the radio frequency index of the 5G system, the receiver demodulation index and the wireless resource management index, as well as the consistency test of the base station. It can be said that RAN4 is the only way for many important characteristics of wireless network landing industry, and it is an important guarantee that 5G system can land commercial. Therefore, its standard position is also a domestic and foreign mobile communications in the field of companies must compete.

Chen Xiang, an expert at Huawei subsidiary Futurewei, was elected chairman of 3GPP RAN4

3GPP RAN4 Chairman Chen Xiang (Photo: S2 Micro Salon)

It is understood that 3GPP is mainly composed of three technical specification groups (TSG), namely wireless access network (RAN), business and system (SA) and core network and terminal (CT), each technical specification group includes a number of working groups.

According to public information, Futurewei is a subsidiary of Huawei Corporation registered in Texas in 2001. Futurewei has long been a major technology research and development subsidiary of Huawei overseas, with $510 million invested in research and development in 2018, according to figures released by Huawei. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Futurewei has filed more than 2,100 patents in the areas of telecommunications, 5G cellular networks, video and camera technology. This shows that Futurewei does make a big contribution to Huawei.

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