“Peace Elite” Tesla official launch: Players can play the Model X Eagle Wing Gate.

7月24日消息,《和平精英》和特斯拉跨界联动,《和平精英》将特斯拉合作车型Model 3和Model X、超级充电站和特斯拉主题店等元素场景植入经典的海岛地图,在游戏中打造首个”虚拟车辆体验店”。

In the game scene, special forces can search for Tesla-themed stores on the island map, interact with the in-store Model X, which will also have a rich drop of game material as it accompanies the music “Dancing.”

It’s worth noting that the in-game Tesla Model X Eagle Wing Door Unfold effect can only be experienced within the Tesla Experience Store, where the doors remain closed during the game.

“Peace Elite” also joined trace in the game to launch the Model X, Model 3 co-model carrier skin, including pearl white / cold light silver / fantasy purple three skin colors, players can exchange the “Tesla badge” for Tesla car skin, 1 color can only be redeemed once.