Gates responds to the “internet cult” conspiracy theory: Hope these things will go away.

“I hope that these conspiracy theories will subside.” 23, Bill Gates told CNN that there are some conspiracy theorists online who call him the “main culprit” of the new bout of pneumonia, but that’s not the case.

On the same day, bill Gates was asked about the “QAnon” organization and conspiracy theories on the Internet during an interview on CNN’s New Crown Pneumonia outbreak, CNN reported Wednesday.

” (Conspiracy theories) spread on social media inamcined, and in this pandemic, people prefer simpler explanations when people are not sure about something. There are millions of such messages every day, and people like me and Dr. Finch are targeted,” Bill Gates said. These (conspiracy theories) figures are really shocking. “

According to CNN, QAnon began to promote a single conspiracy theory that dozens of American politicians, business tycoons and front-line entertainers worked with governments around the world to engage in child sexual abuse. Followers also see a “deep government” in the United States trying to wipe out Trump. Now members of the group have expanded from these beliefs to spread conspiracy theories about mass shootings and elections, and they claim that the 5G network is spreading the new crown virus. According to CNN, QAnon is now more like an Internet cult, and followers will largely believe in any false information created by the cabal.

More than 7,000 QAnon-related accounts have been closed for platform violations in recent weeks, NBC reported Tuesday. Twitter will stop recommending Accounts and content related to QAnon, while limiting its presence in trends and searches, blocking the sharing of QAnon-related sites on Twitter, a move that will affect 150,000 accounts.