14nm Last Struggle! Intel 11 Generation Core: 8 cores to 5GHz.

Lake Rocket will be Intel’s next-generation desktop-level Core, still using the 14nm process, but will upgrade the CPU, GPU architecture, and the frequency is expected to continue to increase, but unfortunately it will be limited to up to 8 core 16 threads, one step back from the current 10 core 20 threads. Prior to this, Rocket Lake samples have appeared several times, including 6 core 12 threads 3.5-4.1GHz, 8 core 16 threads 3.2-4.3GHz, 8 core 16 threads 1.8-? GHz, it’s not high.

Oh yes, there’s an 8-core 12-threaded odd configuration, but the authenticity is yet to be confirmed.

14nm Last Struggle! Intel 11 Generation Core: 8 cores to 5GHz.

Now, a new Rocket Lake 8 core 16 thread has appeared in GeekBench, with a reference frequency of 3.4GHz and an acceleration frequency of 5.0GHz for the first time – compared with the current i7-10700K acceleration frequency of the same 8 core 16 threads is also 5.0GHz, although the base frequency is 3.8GHz, while the top 10 core 20 threads have reached 3.7-5.3GHz.

Of course, Rocket Lake is still only an engineering sample, and the final release is not enough until early next year, there is still plenty of time to optimize, the frequency continues to increase no problem.

In addition, according to GeekBench’s detection, Rocket Lake’s cache of instructions per core level remains unchanged at 32KB, the first-level data cache increases by 50% to 48KB, the second-level cache doubles to 512KB, and the third-level cache is still 16MB.

14nm Last Struggle! Intel 11 Generation Core: 8 cores to 5GHz.

According to previous news, Rocket Lake will integrate the new Cypress Cove CPU architecture, Xe GPU architecture, native support for PCIe 4.0, and even claim that there will be two different process chips inside, with the CPU part using 14nm, THE GPU and other parts 10nm, but not fully sure.

Intel confirmed after its second-quarter results that the 10nm process’s Alder Lake 12 generation desktop Core will be released in the second half of 2021, but did not mention Rocket Lake, which is not surprisingly high in the first half of next year, ceS 2021.