NASA Atlas accidentally captured the dynamic footage of China’s “Astronomical One” Mars rover.

Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (Atlas) has an important job to do, according tomedia reports, by finding “town killers,” “urban killers” and “village killers” asteroids that could pose a threat to The Earth. But sometimes it’s not just space rocks that it sees. The space telescope happened to see China’s just-launched “Astronomical One” Mars rover.

On Friday, local time, NASA’s Asteroid Watch Twitter account shared a map of the Astronomical One, taken by the Atlas Mauunoloa telescope, in which the red line represents the probe’s trajectory.

Astro-1 was launched earlier this week and is scheduled to arrive on Mars in February next year, when it will attempt to land a rover on Mars.

China’s launch is one of three major Mars missions that left Earth this month. In addition, the United Arab Emirates launched the “Hope” probe, NASA plans to launch on July 30 , “Stamina” probe.