ESA: Hibernation module technology may be the best way to explore space

According tomedia reports, it is believed that everyone in the sci-fi space movies have seen deep space travelers sleep in a sleeping space for weeks, months, years or even decades before arriving at their destination. So does this hibernating pod really work in real life? A new study from the European Space Agency (ESA) suggests that if the technology works as planned, putting astronauts into a state of dysecement may be the best way to explore the universe.

ESA: Hibernation module technology may be the best way to explore space

It is understood that there are many benefits to using this approach for deep space travel, such as the use of small spacecraft for long-range manned missions.

For normal deep space travel, there is a crucial problem in overcoming the effects of space radiation and long-term gravity on the human body: humans need a lot of space to live. They need space for activities, exercise, life, and so on. And if astronauts can be dormant all the time, it means less space is needed.

Robin Biesbroek, of the ESA Parallel Design Center, said: “We looked at how to get a team of astronauts into hibernation optimally, what to do in an emergency, how to deal with human safety, and even how hibernation can affect the team’s psychology. Finally, we created a preliminary sketch of habitat construction and a road map to achieve an effective way to hibernate humans on Mars within 20 years. “

It is understood that the team proposed a deep flight crew cabin quality reduced by 1/3 of the design. In this scenario, team members assume a wealth of advanced technologies, such as safely putting a person into hibernation and reducing his metabolism by 75 percent. This is a natural thing for hibernating animals, but not for humans. In addition, the crew will need time to recover when they wake up, which could mean sit in the confines of a small space for several weeks.

Of course, humans still have some time to figure it out, but it’s incredible that a concept conceived decades ago by sci-fi writers could end up being the best solution to exploring other worlds.

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