Apple CEO Cook’s 60-year-old insight: The greatest value of life is to help others

Apple CEO Tim Cook attended Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference at the Meadows Arts Center in San Francisco on Tuesday to perform with Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff. the fireside conversation.” Cook touched on a number of topics in the conversation, including the use of Apple products in the corporate environment, Apple’s values in innovation, privacy, and environmental protection, his relationship with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and his life experience.

Apple CEO Cook's 60:0 insight: The greatest value of life is to help others

The greatest value of life

Cook is 59 and will be 60 soon. According to Chinese, sixty and good ears, this time people can argue that things are not right.

Benioff asked Cook if you thought about what your greatest value was when you thought about it. Cook answered the question with a “life apocalypse” he had in his early 40s.

“You realize at some point that we came into this world to help others, and that’s the only reason we’re here. Once you keep this mission in mind, life becomes much simpler. That’s my opinion. With this North Star pointing the way, you can simplify many very complex decisions. You are here for the benefit of others, not yourself. I have no doubt about it. Cook said.

Cook doesn’t live a very luxurious life like the CEOs of other technology companies. As Apple’s CEO, he has an estimated net worth of $625 million, often donating to charitable causes and encouraging Apple employees to lead the company in a massive charitable effort. In 2011, he set up a company-wide non-profit donation matching program at Apple. Over the past decade, Apple has donated $130 million to help THE AIDS organization Product (RED) fight AIDS, $100 million to promote diversity in the technology industry, and $50 million to hospitals.

“Extraordinary” is still a light

Cook also spoke about the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who developed the company’s core values.

He said That Jobs’s spirit of doing products with the highest quality was still well implemented at Apple, which is the best product, not the most. Mr Cook said The Different Think was still a beacon and that Apple was committed to innovation while remaining true to the company’s values.

The Dreamforce conference was held at the Fang Meadow Arts Center in San Francisco. Previously, Jobs released a number of famous Apple products here. Recalling Jobs, Cook said he missed his “friendship” with him most. Mr. Cook said he missed some of Mr. Jobs’s small things. Jobs leaves work earlier than Cook every day, but stops at Cook’s office before leaving to exchange views.

Privacy needs to run through product development

Cook also stressed the importance of privacy, which he believes is a factor that needs to be added throughout the development process, not after the fact.

“You can’t attach privacy to your self-imposed features,” Cook said. Some companies suddenly think about doing some privacy efforts, and you can see what happened to them. You just can’t do that, you have to incorporate it into the product design. “

Mr Cook also dismissed suggestions that the development of artificial intelligence (AI) required people to give up a lot of privacy, directly attacking rivals such as Google and Facebook. Cook reiterated that the company is committed to privacy even as Apple develops new products that use machine learning. Cook sees privacy protection as a major commitment to Apple’s mission to improve the lives of its customers and remain true to the company’s ethical values, rather than as a slogan for privacy.

“Some people think you can’t do really good AI machine learning unless you have a lot of data and a detailed understanding of your personal life,” Cook said. “

iPhone Office

Mr Benioff, co-CEO of Salesforce, said he had been working with his iPhone for years and didn’t even have a computer.

“I don’t even need to have a computer anymore,” he told Cook. You’re doing great. Well, I still have a computer, but I won’t tell you where it is. “

Benioff says everything he needs to run Salesforce is on the iPhone, including the Salesforce app. “The iPhone really became an extension of my office,” he says. “

Mr Benioff says he still has a computer because some of the videos are not backed up on iCloud, otherwise he doesn’t want to go back to the old way of working.

Apple operates with all renewable energy

When it comes to environmental protection, Cook mentioned Apple’s commitment to convert ingress entire company operations to 100 percent renewable energy. In April 2018, Apple has achieved this goal. Now, Apple is pushing suppliers and market competitors to do just that.

“We’re constantly challenging ourselves, expanding our efforts to a level that goes far beyond what we can do at the moment, and we want to make the world a better place.” Cook said.

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