The cabaret “Cats” reveals the second preview CGI technology to change movie viewing habits

The live-action film version of The Cat, directed by British director Tom Hooper, has released a new trailer. In the trailer, the real-life cat, singing and dancing, seems to challenge people’s movie-going habits.

The actors performed in a zoomed-in set, which was visually reduced to the size of a real cat. In addition, with the addition of film technology, all the actors’ appearances are “real cat.”

The whole trailer was loaded with songs and dances, and it looked very eye-catching. The details of the scene, made very perfectly. In particular, the enlarged furniture and the proportion of living scenes have been strictly adjusted. In particular, Tom Hooper’s life as a cat in the film is eye-catching. “Cats” is a musical by the famous British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber based on Eliot’s poetry, which debuted on May 11, 1981 and was loved by the world’s audience, especially children. “Cats” has won seven stage plays – Tony Awards, with the theme song “Memories” by Barbra Streisand becoming a living classic. And director Tom Hooper has the ability to direct musical series movies. In 2012, his “Les Miserables” was well-known, winning the 85th Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (Anne Hathaway), Best Sound Effects and Best Makeup and Hair.

Like Les Miserables, the film version of Cats has a brilliant cast: James Corden, Ian McLean, Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift will all be involved in the filming. Lee Hall, the screenwriter of “Billy Elliot” and “War Horse,” will write the screenplay for the film. In addition to directing, Tom Hooper will co-host “The Danish Girl” with Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner. According to the plan, “Cats” is scheduled to be released on December 20, 2019.

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