Apple: Defending iOS default app status won’t be replaced by third-party apps

In the Us and Europe, Apple is defending its position as a program on its own iOS system, according to reports frommedia frandroid. “We’re not going to change our position sits or rules,” said Kyle Ander, Apple’s vice president of legal affairs.

Apple: Defending iOS default app status won't be replaced by third-party apps

It is well known that on Apple’s iOS system, some must-have apps cannot be replaced by other third-party apps, such as Safari or iMessages, while Android can, such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge, on Android. Even the App Store can adopt third parties.

That’s why Apple is accused of a monopoly, and such surveys are common in Europe.

On the matter, Ander said Apple would not immediately change its position. Safari and other Apple native apps are considered an essential part of the iPhone’s features, the Benchmark. These apps are part of iOS and iPhone. The head of Apple’s legal affairs believes that replacing the operating system’s apps would damage or seriously reduce the iPhone’s functionality.

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