OPPO unveils new ColorOS 7, dual-mode 5G phone Reno3

OPPO ‘Light Without Borders’ ColorOS 7 is released today. The Reno 3 series, a dual-mode 5G phone due out in December, will be the first to feature the ColorOS 7. At the launch, OPPO announced that ColorOS has more than 300 million users worldwide, covering more than 40 countries and regions, and has been translated into more than 80 languages. Today, OPPO officially launched ColorOS 7.

OPPO unveils new ColorOS 7, dual-mode 5G phone Reno3

ColorOS 7 has re-evolved this concept on the basis of The ColorOS 6 without boundaries, which OPPO calls de-utilitarian design.

On the color system, ColorOS product managers say the report shows that smartphone users spend an average of 4.7 hours a day using their phones. Importantly, many people use their phones for much longer than 4.7 hours, and given how long users use them, OPPO has redesigned a more comfortable color system to relieve visual fatigue.

In addition, the ColorOS 7 icon is more lightweight in terms of icon design, adding not only cobblestone icons but also custom icon details. And the new Art Plus Artist Wallpaper is enabled.

In terms of fonts, after a year of optimization, this OPPO officially launched OPPO Sans branded fonts. It is understood that the OPPO Sans Chinese part by the Hanyi word library font design director Zhu Zhiwei guidance, Huang Zhenyuan design completed, the Western part by the United States Pentagram five-point company design, Hanyi word library xi-wen project team leader Zhang Wei collaborative completion. Optimization involves 226003 characters.

With the official launch of OPPO Sans, OPPO also announced that the font is free of charge for use by the entire community, including commercial use.

In terms of sound systems, ColorOS has partnered with the Danish sound company epicsound to design the system with a simple and human sound system, simulating real-world sound and simplifying it, while adding OPPO Relax new sound effects such as immersive.

In terms of interaction, The ColorOS7 enables a new half-screen interaction, supports three-finger area screen-blocking, and dark-color mode can be superimposed with eye protection mode for a more comfortable visual experience.

At the same time, OPPO also introduced a deeply customized global theme. In addition to desktop and notifications, you can also set up phone, text message, interest-screen clock and other details.

OPPO unveils new ColorOS 7, dual-mode 5G phone Reno3

Quick: Fast Technology, Fast Experience

In addition to design upgrades, in terms of a pleasant experience. OPPO proposes the concept of UI First, which emphasizes that technology serves the feeling and that the UI interface prioritizes responses.

Through user research, OPPO found that the user’s requirements for fast mainly involved in three aspects: fast start-up, smooth running, smooth game.

In terms of fast start-up, OPPO put forward the oComp end-end cloud intelligent compilation technology, that is, through application habits learning, cloud data training, compilation process pre-eclamprole. This technology improves comprehensive start-up performance by 25%.

In terms of operation, OPPO has introduced oMem intelligent memory optimization technology, which can improve the smoothness of the system by 30% and the RAM utilization by 40%.

In terms of game fluency, OPPO introduced oSense intelligent instant response technology, the overall system response is faster during the game, the touch response speed is increased by 15%, and the game frame rate is increased by 19%.

As to how to avoid the problem of mobile phone more and more card, OPPO joint upstream supply chain manufacturers put forward ufS and hard combination anti-aging scheme, can maintain the smoothness of the system for a long time.

The new ColorOS adds flashback keys, Breeno driving mode, people like Beauty 2.0 and privacy protections.


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