Cook said Apple would not block competition by acquiring other companies.

In an interview after Wednesday’s antitrust hearing, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company was buying the company to overcome obstacles, not to limit competition,media reported. The company’s business practices came under question after Mr. Cook appeared before the House antitrust subcommittee on Wednesday. Mr Cook insisted that Apple’s acquisition was not to end the competition, but to implement new technology or talent to improve their platform.

Cook said Apple would not block competition by acquiring other companies.

“If you look at the matter behind the investigation, the thing is acquisitions, and if you notice, we don’t have any questions about acquisitions because our approach to acquisitions is to buy companies that we have challenges, as well as intellectual property, and then make them a feature of mobile phones.” Cook said in an interview with CNBC.

Other related companies, such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, have been similarly questioned. Acquisitions that appear to end competing with their companies have been questioned by the subcommittee. Amazon has been questioned over its acquisition of, while Facebook has been questioned over its acquisition of Instagram.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Mr. Cook was not asked about any major Apple acquisitions. Sri was acquired to bring Siri to the iPhone, while Workflow made shortcuts a native feature of the iOS platform.

Apple’s biggest public acquisition was the $3 billion acquisition of Beats By Dre in 2014, which led to the creation of Apple Music. The Beats platform still exists inside Apple and competes directly with Apple’s own AirPods brand. “One example is Touch ID,” Cook continued. “We bought a company and accelerated touch ID at one point.”

Apple buys a company every few weeks, and they don’t always announce it publicly. The ultra-local weather app Dark Sky is the latest acquisition. The weather service will be implemented in iOS 14 and its Android app will be removed from Google Play.