SK Hynix 128-layer 4D flash flash shipment: phone can be on 1TB capacity, UFS 3.1 speed

In 2019, the flash memory capacity of smartphones will be further enhanced, the high-end mobile phone is basically 128GB start, the high-end meeting 512GB, individual products with direct on the 1TB capacity. Following this trend, there will be more 1TB of mobile phones next year, asSK Hynix is now shipping 1TB UFS 3.1 flash memory to phone manufacturers, with a stack layer of 128 layers.

In June of this year,SK Hynix world-first 128-layer stack of 4D flash memory, essentially 3D flash memory, 4D flash memory sinuthSK Hynix himself called, the so-called 4D refers to a single-chip four-tier architecture design, combined with 3D CTF (charge capture flash memory) design, PUC (Peri. Under Cell technology, which refers to the creation of flash memory by forming peripheral areas before stacking cells, helping to reduce the chip area.

In addition,SK Hynix’s 128-layer 4D flash memory achieves the highest vertical lynx stacking density in the industry, with more than 360 billion flash units integrated in a single chip, each of which can store 3 bits, for whichSK Hynix has applied a range of innovative technologies such as ultra-similar vertical etching technology and high-reliability multi-layer edin cell molding technology ultra-fast low-power circuit technology, and so on.

At the same time, the new 128-tier 4D flash memory has a single capacity of 1Tb (128GB), the highest storage density TLC flash memory in the industry, with a 40% increase in bit capacity per wafer than the 96-tier stack.

SK Helix 128-layer 4D flash flash shipment: phone can be on 1TB capacity, UFS 3.1 speed

SK Hynix officials said today that 1TB of UFS 3.1 flash memory has been out of the way for handset manufacturers, and it is expected that the second half of next year’s 5G phones will use this large-capacity and ultra-high-speed UFS flash memory.

Starting from this product,SK Hynix will also shift the focus of flash memory to 5G mobile phones, the current Chinese market is vigorously promoting 5G, the memory chip market is expected to benefit from, after all, 5G faster, download, save the amount of data is higher, the phone capacity requirements are higher.

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