Developers are still unhappy with Apple’s interpretation of the App Store policy at a House hearing.

According tomedia reports, a large number of developers continue to talk about Apple’s App Store policy and question Apple CEO Tim Cook’s testimony at a U.S. House of Representatives hearing this week. Mr Cook told the hearing that Apple treated all developers on the platform equally. At the hearing, lawmakers questioned the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google as part of an anti-competitive conduct investigation.

尽管跟科技行业的其他几位同行相比,库克面临的质疑相对较少,但众议院司法委员会小组成员还是询问了有关其App Store的规定。

Developers are still unhappy with Apple's interpretation of the App Store policy at a House hearing.

In his public statements and casual questioning, Mr. Cook insisted that Apple has a fair and equitable policy towards all third-party developers who sell their products on the App Store.

“We treat every developer the same. We have rules of openness and transparency. This is a rigorous process because we care about privacy, security and quality. We do check each app before we use it, but these rules apply to everyone. “

Cook rejects the notion that some big developers are more popular with other developers than others.

In light of Cook’s testimony, developers this week spoke out against the App Store’s policies and called Apple’s practices restrictive and unfair.

Dustin Dailey, Eturi’s director of product management, said in an e-mailed statement to Business Insider that Apple’s rules are “a changing goal that doesnot apply to everyone.” Eturi developed TheA, one of the parental control apps that Apple removes when using mobile device management technology for third-party apps. “We want Apple to realize that they’re not the only developers who have the ability to develop products for the benefit of their users because it’s about data privacy and security,” Dailey said. We want Apple to do what it wants to do and create a level playing field for everyone, including themselves. “