HBO Official: Wants to optimize and supplement the plot for the “The Last Survivor” episode.

HBO producer Craig Mazin hopes to add some game drama to the episode of “The Last Survivor” to optimize it, according tomedia outlet Dualshockers. “I think fans might be worried about something, and if someone else gets a mandate, other people may not really understand the plot or make some kind of change,” HBO producer Craig Mazin said on BBC Radio’s “Must Watch” special.

However, I’m working with the developers who make the game, and some of the changes to the plot will add something, not a crude deletion, but an optimization and enhancement. “

HBO producer Craig Mazin reiterated in the special that he is working with Naughty Dog director Neil Druckmann, who has begun writing scripts, producing new stories and, of course, adding to the 2013 game.

“We’re creating new content that we want to have in different ways, like a dream for years. To be honest, I’m a little scared because a lot of people are in a strong mood for these games, and I even think I might want to avoid a while in the bunker because you can’t please everyone. “

The Last Survivor is understood to have been co-created by Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin and creative director Neil Druckmann as the series’s screenwriter, while Naughty Dogs president Evan Wells and “Chernobyl” executive producer Carolyn Strauss will co-host.