Microsoft may change bing to Microsoft Bing.

While Google continues to dominate the market in 2020, rival search engines such as Bing have slowly pushed into some of Google’s search market share in recent years. According to NetMarketShare, Google’s market share was about 84% in June, compared with 6% for Bing. In particular, Bing should have achieved good results in paid search, Microsoft advertising company revenue last year also has a big increase.

Surprisingly, Microsoft is now planning to rename the Bing search engine as Microsoft Bing. Currently, users of all kinds find that the Bing brand in search results has been changed to Microsoft Bing.

The change appears to be a simple rebranding of Bing to align it with Microsoft’s new brand strategy. It’s worth noting that Microsoft Edge’s InPrivate Window feature also uses the word “Microsoft Bing” rather than just “Bing”.

Microsoft may change bing to Microsoft Bing.

Microsoft may change bing to Microsoft Bing.

Why did Microsoft make a change? One possible explanation is that Microsoft wants to use the name “Microsoft” for services and applications available on multiple platforms. If the product or service can only be used on Windows, the name “Windows” will be used in the brand.

Last year, for example, Microsoft renamed Windows Defender Microsoft Defender after it announced it would offer products for macOS and mobile devices. Similarly, Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription is now known as Microsoft 365 because it’s not just Office apps.

Microsoft’s search engine revenue growth has been slowing as advertisers cut their budgets during the global health crisis. In its fourth-quarter 2020 revenue report, Microsoft noted that search ad revenue fell 18 percent, or $353 million, from a year earlier, as advertisers spent less on advertising or paid search results.

Unsurprisingly, Google’s search revenue has also been negatively affected by budget cuts in advertising spending.