Google Chrome’s market share continues to rise to 71%

Netmarketshare released its July 2020 operating system and browser market share report. In this month’s report, Windows 10’s share rose to 59.59 percent from 58.93 percent the previous month. Windows 7’s share continued to fall from 23.35% to 23.11%. Windows’ overall share edged up from 86.69 percent to 87.59 percent.

Google Chrome's market share continues to rise to 71%

Google Chrome's market share continues to rise to 71%

The macOS share fell from 9.22% to 7.08%, while the Linux share continued mysteriously from 3.61% to 4.73%. If this trend continues, it is conceivable that Linux could surpass macOS within a few months. Chrome OS’s share was just 0.42%, up from 0.41% the previous month.

On the browser side, Chrome has already surpassed 70% of the market and now has 71%.

Edge edged up to 8.46 percent from 8.07 percent. Given that Microsoft has started rolling out new Edge through cumulative updates, that number is somewhat disappointing, which means users are still choosing Chrome instead of Edge.

Firefox’s share fell from 7.58 percent to 7.27 percent, while Internet Explorer’s share rose from 4.53 percent to 5.99 percent.