Microsoft will unveil the Xbox Series S and more new hardware in August.

It’s been on the web for a long time, and next generation Xbox Series X will be a series of hardware, divided into many different grades. A few months ago there were signs that Microsoft was planning to launch a low-end next-generation console, with the development code Lockhart, possibly the Xbox Series S. Now that the time has come in August, Microsoft has just shown off the Xbox Series X’s exclusive game, and then players speculate that Microsoft will continue to showcase the hardware details of the XS X, including the release date and price, and, by the way, will probably release a lower-end version of the XSS.

Yesterday Tom Warren, senior editor of The Verge, tweeted:

“August is going to be an interesting month. In particular, Microsoft announced the announcement. “

“The rumor is that Microsoft will announce more than one hardware in August.”

Microsoft will unveil the Xbox Series S and more new hardware in August.

Last month, a survey by Biochemical Crisis 8 mentioned that the “digital Xbox Series X console” meant that XSS might not be the only under-matched XSX.

Of course, before Microsoft’s official announcement, everything was speculation and rumor. While low-matched consoles do give players more choice senough to lower the threshold for joining the Xbox family, how far does the low-matched hardware reach the screen and operating effect seamount in the next generation of games?

The Xbox Series X will be available this Christmas, and details of the other models are pending official release from Microsoft.