Microsoft Surface Duo Embraces Android: Dual Screen has 5G/NFC/Multi-Photo None.

Microsoft’s Windows system is back in the smartphone industry, but Microsoft has no plans to abandon the market, offering years of rumored dual-screen devices, named Surface Duo, and the system based on Android. But after the initial excitement, the device is more worrying. The plane, announced late last year, was scheduled to go on sale in the end of the year during the shopping season, but is said to have been postponed until next year, although Microsoft has not acknowledged it.

Microsoft Surface Duo Embraces Android: Dual Screen has 5G/NFC/Multi-Photo None.

On the other hand, in addition to the configuration, surface Duo is very attractive in addition to the dual screen, other aspects and flagship levels, such as the processor is likely to be Qualcomm SnapDragon 855, and by the end of this year SnapDragon 875 will be coming, which means that Surface Duo will be two generations behind.

At the same time, the SnapDragon 855 means it won’t have a 5G, and even apple, which is a slow shot, will support 5G in this year’s iPhone 12 series.

In addition, surface Duo does not have the high-end Android phone standard NFC, and now with more cameras and more pixels, surface Duo will only have one, and only 11 megapixels, depending on the screen opening and closing status, both to do the back-up and do the front camera.

The battery capacity is said to be only 3460mAh, not too large, but still claims to last a full day, but the load must not be too high.

Wireless charging is not, good in the fast charge, but the specific power is not known, estimated will not go high.

Memory capacity is good, reached 6GB, but the system factory pre-installed or Android 10, need to be upgraded to Android 11.

Of course, the authenticity of these exposures has yet to be confirmed, especially the SnapDragon855 platform is hard to believe, may just be Microsoft’s original design specifications, do not know in the long development process, can upgrade it?