SpaceX starship MK1 accident: explosion heard

At 3:27 p.m. local time this afternoon, the SpaceX starship MK1 had an “abnormality.” The problem came after a full-scale stress test on the evening of November 18, when the starship conducted another test at the SpaceX facility near Boca Chica in southern Texas this afternoon. Thanks to the efforts of several brave live video recorders, we can see the scene of rapid pressure reduction and explosion.

Note that this is a stress-tested prototype unit. The test was conducted to avoid such a situation during the actual launch.

There are also photographs of a series of events before and after the explosion near the scene, which clearly illustrates the situation, and Starship Mk1 suffered some damage.

According to eyewitness @SPadre, “I was cleaning the truck and I heard a loud bang and was very shocked.” I hope you’re all right. Fortunately, no one was injured in the explosion.

SpaceX starship MK1 accident, explosionSpaceX starship MK1 accident, explosion

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