Huawei Ali employees who jumped to Microsoft were boycotted and asked to stop working meaninglessovertime.

A group of employees who moved to Microsoft from Huawei and Alibaba has recently faced an internal boycott from Microsoft. This is a spontaneous act by a team in Suzhou. According to them, because Huawei and Alilai’s employees often “play overtime” and even “send messages to each other in the middle of the night”, the team has brought the domestic Internet enterprises overtime culture, breaking the rules, vicious competition. They have therefore developed the Hackathon program outside of work, allowing inspection department insiders to work overtime at night and warn.

Huawei Ali employees who jumped to Microsoft were boycotted and asked to stop working meaninglessovertime.

This dispute is a prominent confrontation between the culture of “996” (9 am to work at 9 pm and work six days a week) and the “work-life balance” culture represented by foreign enterprises.

Ali and Huawei, two of the biggest domestic companies, are known for their prevalence of overtime. According to Ali’s employees told Interface News, under the influence of the whole atmosphere of the company, almost all people are willing to work overtime, to the end of the time, no one left. “The first wave of overtime usually leaves around 8 p.m., the first group of people to leave work. Many others will hold on till the early hours of the morning, or even two or three in the middle of the night. He said.

Huawei’s overtime culture is more from a long time, in the Voice of Huawei community, as well as know, pulse and other programmers more network community, Huawei employees slot tingum company overtime, even because of the serious choice of departure cases abound.

By contrast, Microsoft China has always practiced the workplace creed of “work-life balance”. A new Microsoft employee once jokingly wrote, “I’ve been working at Microsoft for three weeks, and I’d like to say that a company like this is not as easy as everyone thinks, and here’s the light you can’t imagine.” “

Huawei Ali employees who jumped to Microsoft were boycotted and asked to stop working meaninglessovertime.

The incident continued to ferment on the Internet, causing a great wave of public opinion. Many netizens expressed their support for the boycott, saying that this behavior drags down the original healthy professional atmosphere, not for the work itself and overtime, but formalism of “find Banga”.

“Why is it Ali’s behavior?” It’s not just that these people are from Ali, but that foreign Internet companies are not short of desperate people. On the line of quiet struggle of oneself, don’t harass colleagues outside of work hours… Recently, Microsoft has come to a lot of these people, the atmosphere is very bad, especially those low-wage overtime mania, maliciously pull down the market price. “

Some netizens suggested that these overtime maniacs can take their work home after work, “stay in the company and not go, but also rest time in the work group circle that, in addition to bringing bad atmosphere can do.” “

On the other hand, it can not be ignored that enterprises, as profit-making institutions, in two completely different stages of development of the company, the benefits of overtime are very different, which also greatly affects their respective career culture choices. As the industry technology monopoly giant Of Microsoft, the various mechanisms, job settings have matured, employees on schedule, enough to maintain the normal operation of enterprises and profitability.

As a domestic internet enterprises in the rising period, Huawei and Ali are more advocating the “wolf mechanism”, the product high-speed iteration of the background, the strategy is no more than the minimum labor cost to promote maximum work output.