Python 3.9.0 Alpha 1 releases first iteration of the 3.9 series

Python 3.9.0 alpha 1 was released, the first 3.9 series release since 3.8. Python 2.7 is retiring and moving as soon as possible. There are no new features or new modules, but the following modules have been improved:












There are also changes in API optimization and deprecation, details can be found:

Grab fresh try:

With regard to Python 3.9, the topic of discussion is the acceleration of the release cycle. After a long and in-depth discussion (PEP 602), the release cycle for changing the Python language project concluded that a 12-month release cycle was used.

Python 3.8 was released a month ago, and the release cycle starts at 3.9.

The new version development cycle is planned as follows:

During the five-month period before the start of the year cycle (close at the end of the next cycle, because the end of each cycle is basically fixing bugs and having plenty of time), each developer is free to develop discussions, commit features, but not merge into the development branch.

Identify the feature and complete the alpha version for the first 7 months of the one-year development cycle.

It then takes 4 months to fix the bug to complete the beta version.

The last 1 month is completed and the official release is finally released.

After the release of the official release, full support will be available within one year and security updates will be available within 5 years.

The goal is to give the community enough time to provide feedback in the Beta version, while giving developers enough time to fully test RC and prepare for the final version. The goal of a large release a year is to make the entire development release process more predictable. Each release will receive one year’s full support and four years of security updates.

At the same time, a daily reminder:

Python 3.9.0 Alpha 1 releases first iteration of the 3.9 series

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