Sources say “The Joker” will shoot a sequel, Jacquin Phoenix, is expected to continue starring.

“Joker” recently became the first R-rated film to gross more than $1 billion worldwide, so it’s no surprise that DC’s “The Joker” is planning a sequel, according tomedia. Warner Bros. has offered a sequel to star Joaquin Phoenix and is in talks with director Todd Phillips to continue directing the sequel, According to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition, Phillips and Scott Silver are expected to return as screenwriters.

The report doesn’t provide any details about the sequel’s plot, but says it won’t discuss Batman’s backstory because DC is already working with director Matt Reeves on “Batman.” Actor Robert Pattinson is expected to play Batman.

The Hollywood Reporter also reported that Todd Phillips contacted Toby Emmerich, chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures, after the joker’s first weekend of filming, and asked to “develop multiple other DC character origin films.” Mr Emmerich is understood to have been taken aback by the idea because it is not the way the studio works at all. But sources say Phillips may be able to make at least one such film.

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