Google will invest $450 million to buy 6.6 percent ownership of security firm ADT.

On the afternoon of August 3, Beijing time, Google will invest $450m for 6.6% of ADT. ADT Corporation provides electronic anti-theft, fire protection services to residential and small business customers, and other alarm monitoring services in 35 countries around the world. The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

Google will invest $450 million to buy 6.6 percent ownership of security firm ADT.

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ADT is the largest security company in the United States and Canada, with more than 6.5 million customers. As of 2013, it accounted for about 25 percent of the housing market and 13 percent of the Small Business market in the United States. It has four monitoring stations in the United States and two in Canada.

ADT is a company that spun off from Tyco International on September 28, 2012, for monitoring and electronic theft and commercial automation, but it dates back to 1867 and was officially incorporated in 1874.

ADT Inc. Security and automation solutions for families and businesses in the United States and Canada provide a range of fire detection, fire suppression, video surveillance and access control systems for residential, commercial and multisite customers.

Andatai provides monitored safety and automation solutions, including the installation and monitoring of security and building automation systems designed to detect intrusions, control access, sensing motion, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, temperature and other environmental conditions and hazards, and to handle personal emergencies such as injury, medical emergency or incapacity.

Andatai also offers interactive solutions that enable customers to arm and disarm their security systems with their smartphones, tablets and laptops, adjust the level of lighting or thermostats, view real-time video of their homes, and develop customizable schedules to manage a variety of smart home products.

Google will invest $450 million to buy 6.6 percent ownership of security firm ADT.

In addition, Andatai provides professional monitoring of third-party devices by enabling other companies to integrate solutions into their monitoring and billing platforms.

Andatai offers products under the names ADT, ADT Pulse, ADT Always S. Andron.

ADT Inc. Network operations through approximately 240 sales and service offices, 12 underwriter laboratories listed monitoring centers, 7 customer and field support locations, 2 national sales call centers, and 2 regional distribution centers.

Andatai ADT Inc. Products and services offered by ADT include:

ADT is engaged in home and commercial automation and security monitoring, providing residents and businesses with security products and services, including: intrusion monitoring, entry control, emergency response, smoke detectors, gas leak alarms, temperature alarms and other aspects of detection and disaster monitoring equipment.

ADT also provides personal emergency assistance services such as injury assistance, emergency medical services, etc.

ADT also offers a wide range of alternative and emergency alarm products, including cellular and broadband transmissions, products and services for personal emergency response systems supported by monitoring centers, equipment maintenance and upgrades.