AMD Ryzen 4000H is severely out of stock: notebook makers miss Intel.

With its advanced craftsmanship and architecture, outstanding performance and power performance, the AMD Renoir APU family has been a success, with the Ryzen 4000U on the notebook, the Ryzen 4000H on the reins, or the Ryzen 4000G on the desktop. In particular, the newly released Ryzen 4000G series, even had to prioritize to meet SI, OEM’s huge orders, temporarily no retail market, this is the first time in AMD history.

AMD Ryzen 4000H is severely out of stock: notebook makers miss Intel.

Now, the Ryzen 4000H is also in a serious out-of-stock state.

German notebook manufacturer XMG received a notice from ODM manufacturers that the Ryzen 4000H series processors are now in serious shortage and that orders due to be shipped at the end of August had to be postponed until the end of September.

XMG then went directly to AMD and confirmed that the Ryzen 4000H series was indeed in a tight supply, not just for them, but for the entire industry.

XMG revealed that they have more than 1,600 Reelong 7 4800H orders, although not cancelled, but now can only wait patiently, as soon as the end of September can be delivered.

XMG also said the price of the Ryzen 4000H notebook could rise.

Interestingly, XMG is also a big hit, claiming that the AMD notebook platform is really hot right now, but don’t forget the benefits of the Intel platform, such as better overall gaming performance, more discrete graphics PCIe channels (16 to 8), and slightly better graphics driver support (AMD updates semi-annually).