Musk: Tesla Cybertruck booked for ‘at least 200,000 cars’

In an interview with Automotive News on Sunday, Elon Musk revealed that Tesla Cybertruck had booked “at least 200,000 vehicles,” a figure that was significantly lower than expected by the number of subscribers who had booked it (previously estimated by fans of 727,000 units).

Musk: Tesla Cybertruck booked for 'at least 200,000 cars'

In December, Musk said Tesla had received 250,000 bookings for the Cybertruck, and it was not surprising that “at least 200,000” were announced to indicate that a $100 deposit had been requested during the outbreak, which was not surprising during the recession.

The electric pickup, with three motors, starts at $699,000 and will be in production by the end of 2021. Tesla will produce the trucks at a new plant under construction in Austin, Texas. In 2022, Tesla will follow up on a dual-motor and single-motor pickup, starting at $499,000 and $399,000, respectively.