Russia’s new crown vaccine since October mass vaccination has not yet begun phase III clinical trials.

On August 1st, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murasko said Russia was ready to launch a mass vaccination campaign against the new coronavirus in October, with doctors and teachers among the first to be vaccinated, Tass reported. World Health Organization Director-General Tan Desai announced on July 1st that 141 new crown vaccines are being developed worldwide.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova told a conference on the outbreak that there are currently two new crown vaccines in Russia, one developed by the Russian Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology research in Gamalea, and the other developed by the Russian National Scientific Center for Vector Virology and Biotechnology.

Russia's new crown vaccine since October mass vaccination has not yet begun phase III clinical trials.

The new crown vaccine developed by the former has ended clinical trials, and researchers are currently preparing documents for the vaccine registration. The vaccine developed by the Institute began human trials on 17 June, with two groups of volunteers, 38 each, selected. On July 12, local time, Russia announced the completion of human trials of a new crown vaccine. The director of the Clinical Research Center for Medicine at Moscow State Medical University in Russia said the trial was successfully completed and successfully verified that the new vaccine is safe. The pilot volunteers left on July 15 and 20 and returned home to continue to be followed by medical supervision. But there is no more information on the mass production or market of the vaccine.

Russia’s National Center for Science in Vector Virology and Biotechnology is expected to begin production of a new coronavirus vaccine in November. “We expect production to begin in November, ” the center’s director, MaxiUtov, said on television. So by the end of this year and early next year, we can talk about the transition to vaccination, at least from target populations to vaccination, and then to mass vaccination. “

Dmitriev, president of the Russian Direct Investment Foundation, said russian-made vaccines showed encouraging results. “The vaccine developed by the Gamalea Institute can completely infect people with the new coronavirus. I had confidence in the vaccine at the Gamalea Institute and even gave myself a dose. “The foundation is a funder of this research project. Dmitriev has previously said that the second phase of clinical trials of the vaccine will end on August 3rd and are expected to be approved by state regulators in August-September. The third phase of the trial will be conducted abroad, particularly in the Middle East.