If Tesla’s Cybertruck fails, Musk has a plan b.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk detailed his backup plan in a comment over the weekend in case the upcoming Cybertruck fails,media reported. In an interview with Automotive News, published sunday, Musk said that if The Cybertruck fails, Tesla will only make a regular and similar pickup.

If Tesla's Cybertruck fails, Musk has a plan b.

Tesla’s CEO joked about the segment of the Cybertruck’s planned segment and talked about the large number of trucks being sold. Market research? That’s a major denial for Tesla, and Musk said the company didn’t spend any time talking to rival pickup owners.

The Tesla CEO told the media that Tesla was simply making a pickup truck that the company considered “great” and acknowledging its unconventional appearance. In fact, Musk says the whole idea is to turn cybertruck into a “future battle tank.”

If that’s not what buyers want — and while its popularity suggests Tesla may have dug a gold mine — Musk says Tesla will do what others do to make a more typical pickup. That’s the Tesla boss’s plan, to be exact. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Cybertruck plans to start production next year. On the automaker’s second-quarter earnings conference call, the automaker said it chose Austin, Texas, as the site of its new superplant and producing the electric pickup there.