WHO warns there is no ‘magic cure’ for the new coronavirus

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tan Desai warned the world on Monday that there is no “silver bullet” to treat the new coronavirus,media BGR reported. Even though several promising vaccine candidates are in their third phase, Tandeseexplain explained that safety measures should still be respected. People should still keep their social distance, wear masks and wash their hands frequently to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

WHO warns there is no 'magic cure' for the new coronavirus

The World Health Organization, which has been criticised for its early failures in managing the health crisis, has just given people a worst-case scenario for a new outbreak prediction: there may never be a “magic bullet”. THE WHO HAS SAID THE NEW DRUG MAY NEVER GO AWAY, AND OTHER HEALTH EXPERTS, INCLUDING DR ANTHONY FAUCI, AGREE. Even if the vaccine is successfully developed, there is little chance of seeing the virus eradicated. A few days ago, Mr. Tandesey said the effects of the new crown pneumonia would last for decades.

On Monday, Mr. Tandesey continued to issue the warning at a media conference in Geneva. He warned that no matter how promising vaccine and drug research seems, there should be no need to forget that there is no guarantee of success. “Some vaccines are now in Phase III clinical trials, and we all hope that there are some effective vaccines that can help prevent infection, ” he said. “However, there is no panacea, and it may never be.”

This will be devastating news, but the world needs to realize that without a vaccine or anyone else to reduce infection rates, it may have to co-exist with COVID-19 as it does now. Tandesse urged countries to continue testing, isolation and treatment of COVID-19 patients. Contact tracking and isolation can help reduce transmission. He advocates wearing masks in public and keeping physical distance, and washing hands regularly. These measures can flatten the curve without blocking.

Fortunately, all the current studies have shown that scientists don’t have just one vaccine idea, they have more than 150 vaccine ideas, six of which have reached Phase 3. Several new studies detail dozens of treatments that work edifices in early trials.