Impossible plant meat is on sale at Another major retailer, Publix.

Impossible Foods has been aggressively expanding its supply of Impossible Burger, a plant-based alternative to ground beef that provides a meaty taste that is completely animal-free but highly simulated. Just days after the product went on display at Wal-Mart stores across the country, the plant food company announced that consumers could now buy the burger at about 1,200 Publix grocery stores.

Impossible plant meat is on sale at Another major retailer, Publix.

Consumers are more interested in plant-based foods than ever before. Once considered a poor substitute for those with certain health conditions, these foods are now seen as healthier and more sustainable alternatives to traditional meat and other animal products. Past research has shown that many consumers will be interested in experimenting with plant-based meat alternatives if given the opportunity.

Impossible Foods is arguably the best-known company in its class, and its main product, Impossible Burger’s unique texture and highly simulated taste, has attracted public attention, and in less than half a year, Impossible Foods has rapidly expanded its Supply of Impossible Burger, launching a 12-ounce package of semi-finished hamburger meat at several retailers and is popular.

The food was originally introduced at grocery retailers serving specific geographic areas, but has since been quickly shipped across the country. In its latest announcement, Impossible Foods revealed that its latest expansion is again targeted at specific geographic regions.

The 12-ounce package of Impossible Burger plant meat alternatives is now available at about 1,200 Publix retail stores, mainly in the southeastern United States, Florida and Georgia. This highlights the rapid deployment of Pumps for Its products by Impossible Foods, which has ballooned from about 150 grocery stores in March to about 9,200 in the U.S. as of early August.