The Trump administration is unhappy with the mandatory new crown virus mask bill.

Media reported that some U.S. states have reported record numbers of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia, but the Trump administration continues to battle security that could save countless lives. The White House is unhappy with a bill that would require passengers and staff in transportation systems such as airlines, buses and trains to wear masks, Reuters reported.

According to the report, the White House Office of Management and Budget considered the bill “too strict.” The office insists that any public health regulations should be the responsibility of the heads of the states, local governments, transportation systems and public health departments.

At present, masks are the best defense against the worsening of the epidemic. Coupled with hygiene efforts, attention to what they come into contact with and frequency of hand washing, people can relatively protect themselves from viral infections, while protecting others. Maintaining these efforts is critical, even if they may seem strange or uncomfortable.

Public health officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, america’s top infectious disease expert, have not given up on the proposal to wear masks for months. Still, the Trump administration has turned wearing protective gear into a political game.

The Trump administration is unhappy with the mandatory new crown virus mask bill.

Previously, Mr. Trump had largely not worn a mask in public, and until recently he had finally supported the practice of wearing it. At the same time, many of Mr. Trump’s supporters have been “masked opponents” for months, arguing that there is no need for a sudden change — even though the president eventually changed his mind himself. The idea that the law requiring a mask violates people’s fundamental freedoms is laughable, because refusing to wear a mask puts thematnotly at risk and the lives of others at risk.

The worst part of all this is that while the government can’t promise people to wear masks, it’s the least they can do. Other, more stringent measures, such as mandatory temperature checks before boarding a plane or taking public transportation, would further level off the new pandemic curve that the United States is currently fighting.