Google Docs welcomes Smart Compose predictive input

Foreign media reported that Google had just added Smart Compose smart predictive input to its own Docs document editing app. Following the Gmail Mail app, the company has once again expanded the input experience for G Suite users. It is important to note that only domain administrators are currently able to submit a beta request for this AI-driven intelligent input recommendation feature.

Google Docs welcomes Smart Compose predictive input

(Pictured: Google, via TheVerge)

Initially, the search giant introduced an early “smart feature” for Gmail, then last year launched Smart Compose’s “Smart Writing” feature, which focuses on short replies to messages, and more proactive lying out on how to complete the next sentence.

Smart Compose is known to be based on Google’s machine learning model, which gives personalized tips based on your past input style (you can set the feature to turn off in Gmail).

In theory, this means that Smart Compose provides input suggestions like a real person. But in practice, most of the recommendations it offers are bland, formulaic measures to ensure the formality and security of the content.

Google Docs welcomes Smart Compose predictive input

(Registration Application – Google)

For Google, adding Smart Compose to Docs is a big step forward for the tool. While E-mail tends to respond to action, Google Docs can meet more needs (e.g. courses, planning, first draft series of novels, etc.).

First, Google limited Smart Compose’s reach to enterprise users only. In addition, Smart Compose is currently in beta testing, only available in English, and only domain administrators can voluntarily test it.

Although many people don’t like it, smart Compose is more widely used in the daily writing tasks of a document as AI progresses.

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