Apple launches ‘Apple Music for Business’ to offer music to retail stores

Apple’s Apple Music team is now working with companies to play music in retail stores,media outlet 9to5mac reported. By partnering with PlayNetwork, companies can sign up to the Apple Music for Business program and play licensed music in their retail stores. Apple can offer hand-cured playlists and even tailor-made recommendations for individual store brands.

Apple launches 'Apple Music for Business' to offer music to retail stores

Businesses can use special iPhone or iPad apps to control the music being played. The Wall Street Journal notes that the program has been piloted for some time and is now expanding to larger stores.

Consumer licensing terms on mainstream streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify do not include the requirement to play music in commercial venues. Different terms mean that companies need to sign agreements with special providers to get legitimate in-store music. Both Spotify and Apple have begun to divide their music services to reach retail audiences.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Harrods had started using Apple Music for Business a few weeks ago.

The deal includes Apple making custom playlists to suit the store’s culture. Harrods will display billboards in-store to promote Apple Music to customers. If a customer is free to sign up for Apple Music, Harrodwill will receive a membership commission.

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