The U.S. attorney general has opened an investigation into Amazon’s handling of third-party sellers.

The attorneys general of New York and California and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plan to investigate Amazon’s Marketplace online platform,media Bloomberg News reported. In the coming weeks, the two agencies will conduct joint interviews with witnesses on a conference call. The media believe seishasm could be the start of formal antitrust enforcement action after last week’s landmark antitrust hearing in the big tech industry.

The U.S. attorney general has opened an investigation into Amazon's handling of third-party sellers.


It follows intense questioning of the conduct on Amazon Marketplace. Rep. Lucy McBath asked Jeff Bezos, the company’s CEO, whether Amazon’s behavior toward marketplace sellers was a pattern of behavior. During the hearing, the congressman played testimony from a third-party bookseller who argued that Amazon blocked their bookstore without explaining why, which greatly damaged her business.

In response, Bezos said: “Third-party sellers are doing very well on Amazon as a whole.” “

Marketplace is understood to allow third-party sellers to sell their products to Amazon’s vast online customers, which account for more than half of the company’s e-commerce sales. Products on Marketplace are usually cheaper than other products sold on Amazon, but sometimes of poorer quality. But not all consumers understand the difference between buying from a third-party seller and buying directly from Amazon or the company’s own brand.

Amazon’s Marketplace has received widespread attention over the past few months after an explosive wall street story revealed how the e-commerce giant secretly used data collected from third-party sellers to launch its own branded products, a claim amazon executives have vehemently denied in the past.

Bezos told the hearing that while the company has a policy prohibiting the use of seller-specific data, he cannot guarantee that the policy has never been violated.