Uber to record audio during ride to get a safer environment

Uber plans to pilot a new feature in several Latin American cities next month that will record audio during rides in an effort to create a safer environment,media reported. The Washington Post first learned about the controversial feature in an internal letter from Uber, which will eventually be available in the United States. Uber has since confirmed the plan.

Uber to record audio during ride to get a safer environment

According to the Washington Post, the feature will be optional and allow users to activate audio recordings on any or all trips. Neither the driver nor the passenger was able to listen to the recording, the report said. Encrypted audio files are only available to Uber customer support agents, which use them to better understand the consequences of an event.

Given the current state of privacy concerns, this may seem like a risky move for Uber. In addition, many regions have strict laws regarding eavesdropping or eavesdropping – how does Uber plan to circumvent these practices? What if Uber then decides to monetize the data in some way?

Uber has recently done a lot to improve the safety of drivers and passengers. In September, for example, the company launched a feature called RideCheck that uses a variety of sensors on a user’s smartphone to detect potential collisions, sudden parking and even unusual or unexpected routes.

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