A large explosion in Lebanon was caused by “explosive stoe” seized many years ago.

Today, two huge explosions in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, killed at least 50 people and injured 2,750. Officials pointed out that there had been an accident with the chemical. The second explosion was caused by confiscated sodium nitrate that should have been destroyed a few months earlier. Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced a national mourning event on Wednesday to commemorate the victims of the Beirut bombing, AFP news agency reported. Lebanese President Michel Aoun is reported to have convened an “emergency” defense conference.

According to Reuters, Lebanon’s interior minister said preliminary information indicated that explosive stakes seized many years ago exploded, but the exact cause of the incident will not be determined until the investigation is completed.

Earlier, Lebanon’s state news agency reported that the explosion was caused by a firecracker warehouse near the port of Beirut fire.