Fuch: If you don’t keep the number of new new crown cases below 10,000 a day, the U.S. will be in trouble.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said recently that the U.S. will have little time to contain the outbreak as the number of confirmed cases and deaths rises,media reported. Mr Fauci said the US would be in serious trouble if it could not keep the number of new new crowns below 10,000 a day by the autumn.

Fuch: If you don't keep the number of new new crown cases below 10,000 a day, the U.S. will be in trouble.

Dr. Fauci made the comments in a recent interview with NBC News. He thinks autumn is a particularly critical time for the new crown virus because it coincides with the flu season, with lower temperatures and easier transmission of the virus. “People are talking about a surge in our cases in the spring, everyone wants to drop to the baseline, they’re talking about the second wave of autumn,” Fauci said. “

“If you look at the data we have now,” Fauci added, “we’re in the middle of the first wave.” The number of confirmed cases has proliferated. The most recent is an average of 5-60,000 cases per day, with about 1,000 deaths per day. We must bring down the figures. If we don’t bring them down, then we’ll have a very bad situation in the autumn. Because when you go indoors, you get complications from the flu, and that’s what we have to deal with. “

With the number of new crown cases on the rise, Americans need to be vigilant in terms of social distance, wearing masks in public and washing their hands, Mr. Fauci stressed. Mr. Fauci said two weeks ago that if the United States failed to effectively control the new crown virus, it could end up on a par with the Spanish flu.

Fauci called the new crown pneumonia outbreak a “truly historic global pandemic”:

It’s influenza, it’s a coronavirus, it basically pushes itself on humans. It has two characteristics that make it what I call the “perfect storm”. It is a virus that can cross species, but it can spread from person to person almost immediately and in a very efficient way. At the same time, there is a considerable degree of morbidity and mortality.

If you look at the scale of the 1918 pandemic that killed 50 million to 100 million people worldwide, it is the source of all pandemics, truly historic. I hope we don’t even use this method to solve this problem (COVID-19), but it’s possible… This problem needs to be addressed seriously.

Mr. Fauci also said last week that life in the U.S. may not return to normal until 2021. Even in the best cases, it will take some time to develop an effective new crown vaccine and vaccinate the general public.