Chrome will soon be able to retrieve open tabs.

Google Chrome is still the number one web browser in terms of usage, and Google has been adding new useful features to it. The latest news is that Chrome is about to welcome a new feature called Tab Search to help users find in a bunch of tabs that have been opened. After introduction, users will be able to enable this feature tag (#Enable-Tab-Search) on the chrome://flags settings page.

Chrome will soon be able to retrieve open tabs.

While it’s not intuitive to imagine how this feature works behind the scenes, Chrome OS is on track to become the first platform to get it.

Windows, Linux, and macOS will follow, with interested friends watching for updates to the Chrome Canary branch.

You can then refer to the following to enable the Tab Search feature:

Open Chrome Canary;

Go to chrome://flags;

Click on the drop-down menu to ‘enable’ this item;

Restart your Chrome browser.