Research has shown that microwaves are really not good at heating this thing.

According tomedia reports, microwave ovens are everyone will use but not particularly like one of the modern convenience equipment, after all, we all know that heating things on the stove is a better way, but microwave ovens are faster, so people often choose to sacrifice the quality of food to obtain speed advantage. Now, science has shown that microwave heating doesn’t really perform well, even if it’s just heating a glass of water.

The latest study, published in AIP Advances, points out how microwaves heat liquid containers — a sad choice compared to other heating methods.

For example, when water is heated on a stove, it is heated by flow. The hot water at the bottom of the cup or kettle flows upward, circulating water and, when removed from the heat source, produces a uniformly heated liquid. If it’s heated by microwave, it’s a very different situation. In the microwave oven, the glass itself is heated, raising the temperature of the water not only from the bottom but also from all sides. Because this heating method does not cause water to circulate inside the glass, water near the top of the glass is almost always much hotter than the water at the bottom.

So microwaves look bad, but what can be done to solve this problem? The answer is clearly yes, because researchers have invented a cup that can help liquids heat more evenly in microwave ovens. They plated thin silver on the edge of the cup, which effectively prevents overheating of the water on top and also allows the water to be heated through convection, similar to what it does on the stove.

Research has shown that microwaves are really not good at heating this thing.

And to avoid the defects metals face in microwave ovens, silver plating must be perfect, and scientists seem to have discovered this. Baoqing Zeng, co-author of the study, said in a statement: “After carefully designing the properly sized metal structure, the metal edge prone to fire is located in a strong area of the weak field, where it can completely avoid fire, so it is still safe.” “

But while the study seems to solve the problem of heating liquids in microwave ovens, heating solid foods is much more complicated. The use of the same metal plate on a bowl or plate does not change much in the even degree of heating the food. Next, the team may focus more on the issue of heating leftovers in a microwave oven.