Gates believes three types of new drugs will “significantly reduce mortality”

According tomedia BGR, there is no special treatment for the new coronapneumonia, but there are some treatments that can improve COVID-19 infection, speed recovery, and even save lives. Bill Gates argues that three types of drugs “can significantly reduce mortality in the coming months” long before the vaccine is ready for widespread use. Gates said antiviraldrugs, corticosteroids and monoclonal antibodies, and their combination, could save more lives in the near future.

Gates, who has spared no effort to fund vaccine research, explained that action is needed to advance the development of COVID-19 drugs. In a new interview, Gates explained that the three drugs currently being tested could “significantly reduce mortality” before the vaccine is on the market.

“The first vaccine won’t be 100 percent blocked, like many vaccines, and 100 percent of people who avoid vaccination get sick,” Gates told Business Insider. “It’s much easier to test a treatment than to test a vaccine,” he added. He believes three types of drugs may soon be available for the treatment of COVID-19. “Older people in nursing homes get infected and the mortality rate is very high, and treatments will change a lot there,” he said.

Anyone who closely follows the COVID-19 update may be familiar with the types of drugs Gates is talking about, as they have been widely reported in reports and studies over the past few months. Antiviral drugs, corticosteroids and monoclonal antibodies have the best chance of preventing complications and saving lives, the philanthropist said.

Remdesivir, a new antiviral drug that has shown some efficacy in COVID-19 treatment, can shorten the recovery time for mild to moderate cases. A recent study also showed that the drug reduced the risk of death by 62 per cent compared to standard care. But Redsewey is not widely used, and it’s difficult to make it. Mr Gates suggested that Mr Redsewey should be re-made “to make it easier to administer”. The drug must be injected intravenously.

Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid that prevents THE death of COVID-19 in some critical situations. Gates explained that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded research in the UK to show that the drug can improve the condition of some critical LYD-19 patients.

Media have previously reported in detail a variety of monoclonal antibodies, as several companies have initiated clinical trials or reported preclinical results. Gates also mentioned several of them in his speech. “There are three or four, including Regeneron, Eli Lilly, Astra Zeneca, etc., and we’ll get the data by the end of the year.” Gates said. “This, combined with antiviral drugs, can reduce mortality quite substantially, which is going to be a big problem.”

Gates also noted that the three treatments could deliver results within months before the vaccine is widely available. Gates argues that the therapeutics field “may receive less attention” than vaccines.

“At least some of them could be in place by the end of the year,” he said. “We’re working to make sure that they’re made accessible, cost-and-availability, that takes care of the whole world.”

Gates did warn that effective COVID-19 therapy would not suddenly bring people back to normal life. “Before you can really do this, you have to get group immunity (through vaccination).