Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G out of the box: innovative looks, battery life is still a big problem.

Also released earlier this year was the Samsung Z Flip folding screen phone, which was released along with the Samsung S20 series launch. It’s a big difference from The Fold, released last year, in the way it opens and closes. Turn ingesting up and down when you use a long screen that is close to 22:9. Daily can be used in separate screens, which is more efficient. The camera house also uses the advantage of a folding screen to put the phone on the table to shoot.

However, there is innovation, there is a good-looking color match. The only thing missing is performance. The absence of 5G networks also makes Z Flip hard to call a flagship.

No, six months later, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is coming!

If Z Flip is positioned as a young girl, then the Z Flip 5G is a good fit for some of the sisters who want to ride the wind and waves. The new two color-matching misty gold and cold mountain ash are more elegant, the matte texture of the appearance of the touch is very good and not easy to stick to the fingerprint. In addition with the color of the fuselage, the surrounding metal box also made a corresponding fusion. It has to be said that in terms of design, Samsung can.

The front 1.1-inch Super AMOLED display has a frosting film feel due to the foggy glass attached to the surface.

The Z Flip 5G and previous generations have not changed in terms of photography, still 12 million ultra-wide-angle camera and 12 million wide-angle camera, front-facing hole-in-the-screen camera pixels for 10 million self-timer cameras.

Where is the Galaxy Z Flip 5G boost? The suffix of the name tells you. This time, the Z Flip 5G makes up for the previous performance deficiencies, suddenly to the current Qualcomm 865 plus SnapDragon mobile platform, performance improvements, support for dual-mode 5G network.

Performance up, look good, Z Flip 5G has no shortcomings? Of course.

Due to the limitations of appearance, this time the Z Flip 5G still uses a 3300 mAh battery for battery life. Now a 3300 mAh battery in daily use, a day is a bit reluctant, and after 5G, this fast battery is even more difficult.

Full of cases with out of the door, the whole process of opening 5G network, chat WeChat, brush WeChat, 2 hours of electricity down to about 75%, and also accompanied by the body heat. Go out for about 3 hours, about 60% of the charge, at this time you need a charging treasure to make up the electricity. So if you go out without a charging treasure, only take a Z Flip 5G go out, the psychology is still relatively shy.

Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5G is one of two in the design, and the misty gold and cold mountain gray color schemes are now in the airframe, which is indeed a clear stream. But the limitations of appearance, coupled with a 5G mobile platform, are a 3300 mAh battery that really struggles to run. Will you see if you’re going to pay for Yan’s value?