The man was found in the woods five years after his disappearance and was previously believed to be dead.

A British man who spent five years in the woods found him alive while police searched for his body and killer,media BGR reported. Police now say the man is in hiding for fear of persecution and are investigating. Five years after his disappearance, he created a new Facebook account that led police to find out he was hiding.

The man was found in the woods five years after his disappearance and was previously believed to be dead.

Normally, five years after a person’s disappearance, there may not be a happy ending. When Ricardas Puisys, of Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire, went missing at the end of 2015, it was suspected that he had been murdered. No one has been charged in this case because Puisys has been living in the woods for the past five years.

‘Puisys was last seen on the evening of September 26, 2015, when he left his job to join “a small group of Lithuanians,’ the Guardian reported. When he didn’t come to work in the days that followed, a search was carried out, but no body was found.

Local law enforcement said Puisys had gone into hiding for his own safety, fearing “persecution.” No one has seen him in five years and has not heard from him, but then the magic of social media saved him. Puisys decided to rejoin the community, opening an account on Facebook with his name and several recent photos.

The police eventually found him, and after ensuring his safety, whatever danger he avoided, the police announced that the disappearance had been solved in the best possible way. Aside from the obvious hardships of five years in the wild, Puiss is clearly doing well, at least in terms of health.

“For the last five years, Puisys’s disappearance has been a complete mystery. It wasn’t until we got the information at the end of June that we found him. Rob Hall, the investigator in the case, said in a statement. People do worry that Ricardas will get hurt that night… But we now believe that Ricardas made the decision to flee because he had been a victim of crime and had been persecuted before. “

As for the state of his life over the past five years, Hall explains. “Ricardas was eventually found living in the bushes, very well concealed, and had not spoken to anyone for some time after deliberately hiding it.”

Police are currently investigating allegations of persecution and have launched a new investigation to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Puisys, who has lived in a remote forest area for five years with little or no contact, is receiving support to get back on his feet.