Microsoft brought Skype ads to the Windows 10 search interface.

With the explosive growth of remote collaboration and video conferencing services in 2020, many expect Microsoft to focus its business on Microsoft Teams, leading to a snub to Skype for Business. The reality, however, is that Microsoft has no intention of abandoning Skype altogether. Recently, a netizen reported on Reddit that the software giant had advertised Skype on the Windows 10 search interface.

Microsoft brought Skype ads to the Windows 10 search interface.

As shown, the ad appears to appear even if you don’t enter anything. As soon as you click on the search icon on the taskbar, the launched search screen will still show Skype ads at the bottom.

The ad reads – “Meeting with anyone on Skype without registering or downloading” and attaching a “Experience Now” button.

If you’re unhappy with this “psoriasis 廯,” Microsoft also provides an “x” button in the upper right corner, which can be clicked to make it disappear. It is not known whether it will appear again in the future.

Interestingly, some Reddit users claim that Skype was suddenly enabled on their devices, even if they didn’t specifically install the app before.

One user wrote: ‘I found Skype on the taskbar today, in addition to the battery and Wi-Fi icons, but I haven’t used it in 4 years, and it looks like Microsoft is trying to re-promote it.

Another netizen said: ‘As far as I know, Microsoft Teams is very popular in the business, so there must be a special reason why Microsoft suddenly re-promotes Skype at this point in time.

Even so, the ad doesn’t appear to be available to all Windows 10 users, at least bogdan Popa, editor of Softpedia, a foreign outlet, didn’t find the Skype promotion link on his laptop.