Microsoft explains why Edge’s address bar input caused the browser to crash.

A few days ago, Microsoft admitted that a bug existed in the new Edge browser based on Chromium, in which users enter any character on the address bar can cause the browser to crash. The issue was quickly fixed, and today the Edge team shared on the Reddit community why this bug occurred.

Microsoft explains why Edge's address bar input caused the browser to crash.

The Microsoft Edge team explains.

The Microsoft Edge team would like to make some explanations on this.

At around 3:40 p.m. Pacific Time on July 30, we began to receive feedback from users that the stable version was in trouble. We understand that this crash occurred when it was entered on the address bar and our team quickly launched an investigation.

Before long, we found that turning off search recommendations or switching the default search engine from Google to something else would solve the crash. Users on the Reddit community and on Twitter have also noticed this.

Our engineers found that an unrecognized tag in the search suggestion JSON caused the Edge browser to crash when it entered Google on the address bar as the default search engine. We then contacted Google to see if we knew something was affecting the problem. After investigation, they rolled back a recent update to Google’s search service, helping to mitigate the Edge browser crash.

Due to the swift action of the Google team, we confirmed that this issue was raised at Edge around 7:30 p.m. Pacific time. To make sure we don’t stop their change deployment, we also released a fix version on the Stables channel.

Later in the day, however, we received feedback that some users were still experiencing crashes, and after a Friday night investigation we found that these residual crashes were related to response caches on some servers. We released another update on the Stability Channel to fully mitigate this issue.

If you still have this problem, visit the edge://settings/help page to make sure you’re updated to the latest stable version 84.0.522.52.