Beidou spokesman: At present, only Apple phone did not cooperate with Beidou.

At the end of July, Beidou 3 satellite navigation and positioning system officially opened, China’s Beidou system after 20 years of development finally began global service. In smartphones, most domestic smartphones already support Beidou’s positioning and navigation, but with the exception of Apple, according to China Business Daily, Ran Chengqi, director of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office and spokesman for Beidou Satellite Navigation Systems, said, “Beidou system and mobile phone manufacturers have a lot of cooperation, and only Apple phones are not cooperating at present.” “

Will Beidou officials persuade Apple to support Beidou? “We don’t need to talk to Apple, beidou has a standard, and they can accept it at any time, ” Mr Ran said. If they don’t use the Beidou system, sooner or later, they will come to this point, beidoo system is good, they will of course use a better system. “

Beidou spokesman: At present, only Apple phone did not cooperate with Beidou.

For Apple’s iPhone does not support Beidou, in fact, it involves some complex, not that all iPhone does not support, previous netizens found that Apple’s iPhone can receive Beidou signal, but Apple in the positioning blocked Beidou signal participation to avoid certain problems, but the iPhone 11 is no problem.

There is no mention of support ingenuity on Apple’s official page, but apple’s deliberate non-support is unlikely, mainly related to the chip and technical issues associated with the iPhone’s use.

With the official completion of the domestic Beidou system, It should only be a matter of time before Apple supports beidou system.